The Goal

As well as hoping to channel or inspire creativity, we hope that his project can be a force for good. A minimum of £2 per book sold will be split between two charities/organisations equally.

We need your help to achieve this.

What Charities/organisations?

We are in the process of confirming the beneficiaries of the money raised. Our focus is to find a charity/organisation that specifically deals with alleviating childhood hunger in the UK and another that focuses on rewilding projects within the UK.

There are so many causes and issues that are close to our hearts, however, we believe that focusing on these two will allow us to do the most good with the money raised and we believe that, with all that has happened this year, these causes are the most appropriate right now.

only £2?

£2 might not sound like much, but remember, that’s £2 from every copy of the finished book that is sold.

On top of that, we are a not-for-profit organisation, so, if any money is made beyond the production and organisational costs, this will also be split between the chosen charities/organisation.

why £2, why not 'all profits'?

Our preliminary costings indicate that, after organisation costs, administration costs, design costs, production costs and logistics (shipping etc), £2 per copy is the minimum amount that we should be able to donate and so we have set ourself a target to ensure that we stay focused on our goal and that we ensure that all other costs do not overtake any margin that should be given to charity. If we only committed to giving any profits from the book sales to charity then there is no lower bar that we would be obliged to keep to and we believe that that would be disingenuous.

Our £2 commitment ensures that you know that your creativity and your collaboration is going to make a real difference.

We really hope that you will submit your work to us. The only way that you can reach our final shortlist is if you submit. Good luck and thank you!