ie. Alison, 14 years old
Put your Parent/Guardian's email address if you are under 13 years of age
ie. St. John's Junior School, Edinburgh
Should your work be deemed eligible to be published, this consent allows us to publish your work as part of this competition and in any future publications. We will endeavour to inform you via the supplied contact details should we intend to publish or use your work.
Should your work be deemed eligible to be published
Submissions will be checked for plagiarism (copying of another person's work and pretending that you created it), any submissions that we believe have plagiarised other work/s will be disqualified from entry.
If you are submitting a story or poem, please use the text box below to submit. If you are wishing to submit artwork, then leave us a short message in the text box explaining your work and we will be in touch via the submitted email address outlining how you can submit your work to us.